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Serving the Carmichael area and providing excellent customer service is how our business has continued to grow for over three decades. Experience the expert knowledge and customer service that the Golden Hills Pest Control team has to offer! With honest advice during your initial consultation you can be sure that we have your best interest at hand!

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We get it, having pests invade your home is a nuisance to your peace and can cause a serious problem. There is no pest control problem that is too big for Golden Hills Pest Control to help you solve. Our expert technicians no exactly how to stop the infestation and help you get your pest problem under control.

With over 30 years of experience in extermination, we can quickly identify the issue as well as the adequate eco-friendly treatment of the particular bug problem that you have. The reason we have stayed in business this long is that we can effectively and creatively solve our residential and commercial customers pest control needs.

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We are always training our technicians on the most recent and advanced methods to effectively apply modern pest control methods to your home or business; saving you time and money!

We are proficient in treating your residential and commercial building for bed bugs, mice, flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, wasps, boxelder bugs, beetles, earwigs, silverfish, and rats.

If you need a quote today for pest control services and you are in Carmichael or the surrounding Sacramento area please submit a contact form or call us at 916-333-3738.

The Best Rodent and Pest Control Services in Carmichael CA

If you are in the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Loomis, or Granite Bay area and you need pest control or rodent control services then we are here to help protect your home from harmful intruders. We at Golden Hills Pest Control know one of the most stressful problems home owners face, is the problem of dealing with the pests that invade and destroy homes.

These household pests can be plants, animals, insects or germs, that disrupt you from normal activities or quality of life. Some examples of this are rats and mice, cockroaches, aphids, and much more. These insects, organisms, or animals can pose a real danger by inflicting poisonous bites, or they can cause damage to your property. To get rid of a serious insect problem, consider hiring our Carmichael Pest Control Company.

Pest control is, by definition, the eradication and removal of pests so that they can no longer cause damage to your home or health. The first step in quality pest control in Carmichael is, to definitively find out what type of pest has invaded your home and how it’s getting in. Through this process, we will be able to gauge how harmful the pest is to you and your property. So how do you determine what kind of pest is present? Well, pests can be identified by the marks they leave, their excrement, or by visually seeing them during the pest inspection stage.

What Makes Golden Hills Pest Control So Great?

We offer great pest management services, all natural and eco-Friendly Pest Control in Sacramento County. Low risk, non-toxic pesticides that is safe for kids and pets!

We care about you, your family and the environment. For over 30 years, we’ve also cared about providing effective green pest control services to safeguard your home and workplace from unwanted fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, rats, bees and more where they might not solely be a nuisance, but may pose dangerous threats to your home, health and safety. Whether you have a current pest problem or want to protect your home from future pest invaders, you can count on Golden Hills Pest Control to implement a solution to for all your pest control needs.

We are a pest control firm committed in offering the very best client service. We are committed to offer all pest control solutions & insect recognition with experience & or laboratory examination. We provide All-natural pest control options in addition to risk-free product solutions. We are committed to work around your schedule Day or Evening, and weekends.

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Fleas, Ticks, Silverfish, Roaches, Ants, Mice, Bees, Wasps, Spiders, Termites and Rats; or any other Roseville House Pests could be gross and also a nuisance. They could come to be a risk to your home as well as possibly to your wellness. As a matter of fact, one house mouse could pollute 10 times extra food compared to what it consumes. That’s why pest control in Carmichael is so vital around your Sacramento County home.

Roseville is home to the many types of insects that will invade your privacy and your home. Being on top of the ball game is to live pest free. Golden Hills Pest Control utilizes execution of varied pest control approaches to minimize unneeded chemical applications. Our pest control professionals are experienced with one of the most current strategies and tools, they’ll also customize each service to your needs.

Specialized Pest Control or Pest Management in the Carmichael, Fair Oaks, and Arden areas of Sacramento makes certain that you are obtaining certified specialists that have been educated and are experienced in product application. Recognizing the biology as well as behaviors of the insects and are well-informed in the appropriate use and disposal of product. So if your in sacramento or north highlands and need pest control then contact us today for a quote! 916-333-3738

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If you are in the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Loomis, or Granite Bay area then you need pest control or rodent control for your home! Know that when you do business with Golden Hills Pest Control you are dealing with professional exterminators that have over 30 years of experience.

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Your Trusted Pest Control Company In Elk Grove, call (916) 333-3738 or fill out the form to contact us for elk grove pest control services! Having Trouble With Rodents? We Exterminate Rats, Mice, Rodents & Insects! 2 Year Guarantee on Rodent Control call today for your FREE Inspection!


Serving the Rocklin area and providing excellent customer service is how our business has continued to grow for over three decades. Experience the expert knowledge and customer service that the Golden Hills Pest Control team has to offer! With honest advice during your initial consultation you can be sure that we have your best interest at hand!

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Carmichael Pest Control Service

Our Pest Management Approach Is Simple

We like to keep things simple at Golden Hills Pest Control and we pass that philosophy on to everything that we do. Our pest management approach for treating your home is as follows.
• Extensive evaluation of outside perimeter, trees, as well as landscapes to figure out factors of access for undesirable insects.
• Offer thorough examination on exactly how Eco-Friendly Pest Control will certainly get rid of pest concerns.
• Finding/analysis with home owner.
• Take full advantage of outside pest control strategies to decrease using chemicals inside your home. This method concentrates on boldly dealing with the outside border with high-grade items to decrease the opportunity of insects ever entering your residence.

How To Find A Qualified Pest Control Company in Carmichael

Finding the right pest control company in Carmichael, Sacramento, Antelope, Roseville and Rocklin shouldn’t be a hard task if you know how to properly protect yourselves from pest control companies that are not reputable. We have compiled a list of things that you should look for in a pest control company and evaluating their services for your home.
• Do service technicians have existing licenses? Is the license the right category for the task? You could validate licensing by calling your state chemical regulative workplace.
• Do they utilize Integrated Pest management methods?
• The amount of years has the business stayed in business?
• Do recently employed applicators train with even more experienced workers?
• What experience does the firm have with dealing with insect issues like your own?
• Does the firm need you to sign a long-lasting agreement? If so, just what are the contract expenses?
• Is the firm able to offer a guarantee for their job? Just what are the terms?

Client Service

• Does the crew members pay attention to your issues as well as resolve them with treatment as well as regard?
• Can the workers recognize the insect, have a sphere of understanding on the general problem, discuss the degree of the problem, as well as offer information regarding the pests as well as its actions?


• Are they ready to talk about low-toxicity choices as well as minimizing ecological threats in and around your home?
• Do they have insurance policy to cover you, your home or business, and also their staff members?

We at Golden Hills Pest Control, want to make you feel secure and understand that our exterminators are always Licensed, Certified and Responsible. Contact us at 916-333-3738 for a quote! Our technicians will provide you with informative procedures to better understand you local Carmichael pest control needs.