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Roseville area pest control services for homes and businesses. Licensed, bonded and insured. We have been serving Roseville and surrounding cities since 1990. We take pride in thorough and professional pest control service.

Residential and Commercial Spider Control Services in Roseville

If you are in the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Loomis, or Granite Bay area then you need pest control or rodent control for your home! Know that when you do business with Golden Hills Pest Control you are dealing with professional exterminators that have over 30 years of experience.

These household pests can be plants, animals, insects or germs, that disrupt you from normal activities or quality of life. Some examples of this are rats and mice, cockroaches, aphids, and much more. These insects, organisms, or animals can pose a real danger by inflicting poisonous bites, or they can cause damage to your property. To get rid of a serious insect problem, consider hiring Golden Hills Pest Control services. Pest control is, by definition, the eradication and removal of pests so that they can no longer cause damage to your home or health. The first step in quality pest control in Rocklin is, to definitively find out what type of pest has invaded your home and how it’s getting in. Through this process, we will be able to gauge how harmful the pest is to you and your property. So how do you determine what kind of pest is present? Well, pests can be identified by the marks they leave, their excrement, or by visually seeing them during the pest inspection stage. What Makes Golden Hills Pest Control So Great?

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service

We offer great pest management services, all-natural and Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Placer County. Low risk, non-toxic pesticides that are safe for kids and pets! We care about you, your family and also the environment. For over 30 years, we’ve also cared about providing effective green pest control services to safeguard your home and workplace from unwanted fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, rats, bees and more where they might not solely be a nuisance, but may pose dangerous threats to your home, health, and safety. Whether you have a current pest problem or want to protect your home from future pest invaders, you can count on Golden Hills Pest Control to implement a solution for all your Pest Control needs.

We are a pest control company that is committed to offering the very best client service. We are committed to offer all pest control solutions & insect recognition with experience &/ or laboratory examination. We provide All-natural pest control options in addition to risk-free product solutions. We are committed to working around your schedule Day or Evening, and weekends.

Fleas, Ticks, Silverfish, Roaches, Ants, Mice, Bees, Wasps, Spiders, Termites and Rats; or any other Roseville House Pests could be gross and also a nuisance. They could come to be a risk to your home as well as possible to your wellness. As a matter of fact, one house mouse could pollute 10 times extra food compared to what it consumes. That’s why pest control maintenance in Roseville is so vital around your Placer County home.

Roseville is home to the many types of insects that will invade your privacy and your home. Being on top of the ball game is to live pest-free. Golden Hills Pest Control utilizes execution of varied pest control approaches to minimize unneeded chemical applications. Our pest control professionals are experienced with one of the most current strategies and tools, they’ll also customize each service to your needs.

Our Pest Management Approach Is Simple

We like to keep things simple at Golden Hills Pest Control and we pass that philosophy on to everything that we do. Our pest management approach for treating your home is as follows.

Extensive evaluation of outside perimeter, trees, as well as landscapes to figure out factors of access for undesirable insects.

Offer thorough examination on exactly how Eco-Friendly Pest Control will certainly get rid of pest concerns.

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Yelp Verified Review
"Wow. I am impressed. I've had this problem with spiders for years. I tried everything. Kept washing everything with Mr. Clean, put down powders, picked up a ton of them with toilet paper, but the buggers always came back! Frustrated me beyond belief. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but I was watching one of them work it's way across my bathroom floor and was thinking 'what's the point. Why bother doing anything when they just come right back.' Then I started thinking 'Could even a professional do anything about this? Well I'm done, what the hell.' So I called Golden Hill. Sure enough they were there the same day doing their thing. I didn't expect much, but damn if the little buggers never came back! I couldn't believe it! If only I'd known then what I do now. Thanks guys! You guys rock!
Derek B
Yelp Verified Review
This is the first time our house receives treatment for pest control from Golden Hills so I would have to update this sometimes in the future. We plan to do more than one treatment and do a follow up every 2 months. The customer service was very friendly and the guy explained what they're about to do in a thorough manner. They first sprayed inside and outside the house to get rid of the ants. We are expecting them to return next week to do the rest of the work. With the ants treatment we didn't have to leave the house because they didn't use a toxic or unbearable chemical. We expect to have to the spider webs removed and the crevices outside to sprayed too. Here's to a pest free summer this year.
Minh L
Yelp Verified Review
My mom has used Golden Hills for 20+ years, so when it came time to get rid of nasty spiders, they were the ones to call. I spoke with Warren who remembered my mom after all these years and he is just awesome. The day they came to my residence the for the first time, I had forgotten to leave payment behind for my husband to give them. Instead of just leaving, the gentlemen waited for Warren to call me so it could be all sorted out, and it was. I know my mom has had an awesome experience, and so far, I have too. Thank you for being awesome!
Vanessa G.
Yelp Verified Review
I freaked out after seeing a few black widow spiders around my house so i had golden hills pest control out yesterday. They were very friendly, knowledgable, and thorough. Haven't seen any live spiders yet so hoping the service lasts. I'll defiantly use this company again for my future pest control needs.
Nell M