Written on
August 20, 2019

Protecting Your Home From Rodents

Pest Management Tips
Protecting Your Home From Rodents

Mice and rats are cute when they’re in cages as a pets, but when they’re running wild in your home, fouling dishes with droppings and nibbling through food wrappers, they’re not so cute. Additionally, according to the CDC, mice and rats carry up to 35 diseases that can be spread to humans. They may chew holes in your home and contaminate foodstuffs in the kitchen. They’ll chew up your soft furnishings for nesting materials, and gnaw on wires in your home, at best, ruining cords for electrical gadgets and at worst, causing electrical fires.

It is possible, however, to get rid of rodents infesting your home with the help of an exterminator and to prevent them from coming back. Here are some suggestions for how to protect your home from mice and rats. Remember when in doubt call a local sacramento or roseville rodent exterminator.

1. Deep clean everything

Everywhere a mouse or rat goes, it leaves trails of urine and feces. These foul trails send a smelly message to other rodents that says, “This house is a great place to live!” Shampoo your carpets, vacuum your furniture and scrub out your pantry with hot, soapy water. You may not be able to clean everything, like your crawl space and attic, but do what you can to eliminate the rodent welcome mat.

2. Trash and compost care

Metal trash cans with tight fitting lids are the best place for you store your trash until the garbage truck comes by each week. If you have a problem with dogs or wild animals tipping them, use a bungee cord to tightly anchor the lid of the trash can. Rats and mice are drawn by food trash and won’t be content to stay outdoors once they’ve showed up around your house.

Composting is good for the earth, but if you’re struggling with rodents, you should invest in a compost container that is at least a foot off the ground and away from the side of the house.

3. Sealing up the house

Mice can enter a hole that is the size of a dime. Carefully inspect your home for cracks and openings they could squeeze into. Seal them with caulk and steel wool. This takes time and a certain amount of physical ability, so if you probably want to hire a pest control company to do it for you. They know where the most likely points of entrance are for mice and rats and know how to keep them out.

4. Repair dripping faucets.

Every animal needs water, and leaky faucets can give rodents a ready source of water. Especially in the summer this becomes incredibly crucial, as rodents begin to get thirsty, they may chew through water lines in your drip sprinkler system or in the walls of your home. Repair them so they don’t drip and if you feel that you may have a mice or rat infestation call your sacramento rat exterminator today and we can help you assess your rodent problems.

5. Store food properly.

Invest in pest-proof storage containers like sealed glass, plastic, and metal jars and boxes. Also, store your pet food in these containers and put uneaten food away between feedings because mice and rats love pet food.

If you need help getting rid of mice and rats you should call pest control services in Sacramento, California. Additionally, if you don’t currently have a rodent problem, you can call a professional who will check your home and give you suggestions for how to prevent these pests from entering your home.