Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs if not handled properly by a professional pest control service could break out into an infestation.

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How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown and oval in shape. They are roughly the size of an apple seed. If a bed bug is swollen and reddish, most likely they have just had a meal of  blood.

If You Think You have Bed Bugs, You Need to Act Quickly

Female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs a day. They can lay 200 to 500 eggs in their lifetime. With an adequate food supply (namely - you!), they can live for more than 1 year.

How Bed Bugs Infest Your Home

You can pick up bed bugs almost anywhere — offices, camps, stores, hotels and even at the gym. Bed bugs hide in luggage, personal belongings and even on you!

How to Tell You Have a Bed Bug Problem

Signs that you may have a bed bug infestation include noticing red itchy welts on your skin. If you notice back to brown stains or crumbs on bedding, luggage and other surfaces, most likely you are encountering bed bug shedding or feces. Lastly, if you notice bed bugs crawling around your sheets.

Top rated Sacramento Pest Control Control, Golden Hill Pest Control A Top rated Sacramento Pest Control Control Company can eliminate your bed bug problem.

Get the most thorough Sacramento Bed Bug Pest Control Services in the area. Bed bug infestations can develop very quickly and they present a serious nuisance to your home. If you need bed bug control services, please contact us immediately.

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What Our Customers Say About Our Service...

Golden Hills Pest Control has been my pest killer for over ten years. Warren and crew are awesome in all regards (knowledge, service, the important stuff). I highly recommend them!
– Brad Martin – Pest Control Customer, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Bed Bug Pest Control Services

If you have discovered that you have a current bed bug pest problem you can count on Golden Hills Pest Control to implement a solution  for your residence. Our technicians are well trained to deal with bed bug infestations, effectively and thoroughly. They can move from an infested site to a new home by traveling on furniture, bedding, luggage, boxes, and clothing. Although they typically feed on blood every five to ten days, bed bugs can be quite resilient; they are capable of surviving several months to a year without feeding. Contact us today for all your bedbug pest control needs!

Myths Regarding Bed Bugs:

Myth: You can’t see a bed bug.
Reality: You should be able to see adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs with your naked eye.

Myth: Bed bugs live in dirty places.
Reality: Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and grime; they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. However, clutter offers more hiding spots.

Myth: Bed bugs transmit diseases.
Reality: There have been no cases or studies that indicate bed bugs transmit diseases between humans their bites do however leave a rash in some cases.

Myth: Bed bugs are not a public health pest.
Reality: Bed bugs are a public health pest. We coordinated with CDC and USDA to identify pests of public health importance and issued a Pesticide Registration Notice that listed pests of significant public health importance. Bed bugs are on this list. In 2009, EPA and CDC collaborated on a joint statement to highlight the public health impacts of bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs won’t come out if the room is brightly lit.
Reality: While bed bugs prefer darkness, keeping the light on at night won’t deter these pests from biting you.

Myth: Pesticide applications alone will easily eliminate bed bug infestations.
Reality: Bed bug control can only be maintained through a treatment strategy that includes a variety of techniques plus careful attention to monitoring. Proper use of pesticides may be part of the strategy, but will not by itself eliminate bed bugs. In addition, bed bug populations in different areas of the country have developed resistance to the ways many pesticides work to kill pests. If you're dealing with a resistant population, some products and application methods may not work. It is a good idea to consult a qualified pest management professional if you have bed bugs in your home.

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Bed Bug Control

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What is the cost of pest control?

The cost of pest control varies from from task to task. A lot depends on the nature of the pest and whether or not the pest infestation is at a home or a business. Some pests take a lot more to get rid of and takes subsequent follow-ups and additional treatments to ensure the pests are completely gone. Your best bet is to contact the Sacramento office and discuss your pest control needs with our friendly staff.

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