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Signs that You Need Rodent Control Services

Signs that You Need Rodent Control Services

What are the signs that you need rodent control?
You do your best to keep your home as well as your place of work as clean as possible, putting out garbage before it piles up, keeping food out of bedrooms and away from offices, cubicles and common workplace areas.

When you and your family or coworkers fail to follow these cleanliness guidelines, the potential for rodent invasions increases.

However, infestations are not always caused by humans neglecting to maintain a pristine environment. Mice and rats may already have established a colony in or near the building before you purchased it, after all, or rodents plaguing your neighbors have now expanded to attack your place too.

For example, an intern innocently leaving a box of day-old donuts in the conference room at work over the weekend amounts to an open invitation for vermin such as rats and mice to come in and have a feast. And something as innocuous as a bird feeder hanging in the backyard of your home can attract rodents too.

With that in mind, here are obvious signs that you need rodent control services:
You witness rats running along fence tops in the early evening. Sometimes you can even see them scampering along utility lines, unafraid of the heights as they make their way through your area.
Your pet finds dead bodies of mice or rats in your hot tub and carries them to the door to present them to you.
Fresh droppings appear near the food bowl you’ve left out for your pet at work or home.
You’ve noticed evidence of disturbed dirt near a utility shed, under fences or even underneath a doghouse, indicating digging by rodents.

Footprints in dust paths in your home or business will clue you in to rats and mice traveling the same pathways every day as they look for food and water.

You hear scratching and scurrying sounds from within the walls.

Signs of nesting by rats and mice are relatively easy to detect. These vermin will use common materials to shred for nests, such as paper, and you should look behind the refrigerator and other appliances in the break room at work or in your home.

It’s also a good idea to shine a flashlight in cabinets, since vermin prefer these hiding places at places of work as well as in residences.

If you have noticed any of these obvious signs of rats or mice at your job site or at home, you will not want to delay in arranging for rodent control professionals to come in and take care of the situation. Getting rid of every last one of the rodents infesting your building is a complicated job that is best left to the experts.

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