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Nobody really likes spiders, so why live with them. Golden Hills Pest Control is a spider exterminator in Sacramento and we are dedicated to helping you live in a spider free home. Our highly trained technicians can help you get rid of those creepy spiders and help you get your home back to normal. Spiders can be poisonous, but for the most part, they can’t do significant harm. Most people are, however, afraid of them because they are scary. Most spiders that you would find in your Northern California harm tend to be reclusive, hiding in crawl spaces and attics feeding off smaller insects. .

Ensuring that the proper measures have been taken to reduce the numbers of spiders that are able to reside in our home. Due to the number of trees in the Sacramento area, we have a large number of spiders. Spiders primary choice of entering your home is through the roof, basement, windows, or through cracks in the door. If you notice a draft in your home, then you most likely need to have cracks and crevices of your home properly sealed and weatherized to ensure that pests are not able to intrude into your home.

Common Types of Spiders

Some of the most common types of spider infestations that plague Sacramento residents are black widows, daddy long legs, wolf spiders, and or weave spiders. Most of these are merely a nuisance that harmful, with the exception of black widows which are venomous. With this being said, spider bites are painful and some people may have an allergic reaction to the bite, so it is best to seek medical attention if bitten as well as identifying the kind of spider that bit you.

It is difficult to eradicate wolf spiders because they must be directly contacted with chemical pesticides. It is a reclusive and solitary spider that generally is alone, so the best way to treat your home is through physical removal or chemical removal despite the difficulty. To help with excluding wolf spiders from entering your home, seal all cracks, crevices, gaps, openings, around doorways and windows. Also check for any areas that are are wide open like if you have the crawl space, ensure that around the vents of your home to the crawl space are intact.

Of all the different types of pests that invade your home, the scariest is definitely spiders. Golden Hills Pest Control does also exterminate rats and mice, if you need rodent control in Sacramento we can help with that also!

Integrated Pest Management

At Golden Hills Pest Control, we utilize the Integrated Pest Management approach to help our customers utilize IPM best practices to ensure that their spider infestation doesn’t come back. We work with our customers to maintain and create, a clean and de-cluttered environment that ensures that their spider problem won’t come back easily. Our trained technicians prevent pests’ situations by securing the buildings holes and cracks from the outside elements and pests. We will utilize our knowledge about various pests to prevent pests’ situations by identifying and eliminating conditions that are conducive to their survival. The goal is to reduce their need for chemical pest control applications and educating our clients to maintain their residence or commercial building properly through proper cleaning procedures. We are one of the top pest control companies in Sacramento having been in business for over 30 years.

If you run a small business, own a home, or manage an apartment complex or office space protect your reputation and your own safety as well as the safety of others by making sure you don’t have a spider infestation. Like we stated earlier the majority of spiders are non-lethal, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire a spider exterminator to take care of your spider issues. Almost all of the spiders have venom and fangs, even though you may not die from the bite they still can hurt and cause irritation. Don’t let your family or your customers be bitten, call your local Sacramento spider exterminator today to get rid of the pesky spiders.

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Yelp Verified Review
"Wow. I am impressed. I've had this problem with spiders for years. I tried everything. Kept washing everything with Mr. Clean, put down powders, picked up a ton of them with toilet paper, but the buggers always came back! Frustrated me beyond belief. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but I was watching one of them work it's way across my bathroom floor and was thinking 'what's the point. Why bother doing anything when they just come right back.' Then I started thinking 'Could even a professional do anything about this? Well I'm done, what the hell.' So I called Golden Hill. Sure enough they were there the same day doing their thing. I didn't expect much, but damn if the little buggers never came back! I couldn't believe it! If only I'd known then what I do now. Thanks guys! You guys rock!
Derek B
Yelp Verified Review
This is the first time our house receives treatment for pest control from Golden Hills so I would have to update this sometimes in the future. We plan to do more than one treatment and do a follow up every 2 months. The customer service was very friendly and the guy explained what they're about to do in a thorough manner. They first sprayed inside and outside the house to get rid of the ants. We are expecting them to return next week to do the rest of the work. With the ants treatment we didn't have to leave the house because they didn't use a toxic or unbearable chemical. We expect to have to the spider webs removed and the crevices outside to sprayed too. Here's to a pest free summer this year.
Minh L
Yelp Verified Review
My mom has used Golden Hills for 20+ years, so when it came time to get rid of nasty spiders, they were the ones to call. I spoke with Warren who remembered my mom after all these years and he is just awesome. The day they came to my residence the for the first time, I had forgotten to leave payment behind for my husband to give them. Instead of just leaving, the gentlemen waited for Warren to call me so it could be all sorted out, and it was. I know my mom has had an awesome experience, and so far, I have too. Thank you for being awesome!
Vanessa G.
Yelp Verified Review
I freaked out after seeing a few black widow spiders around my house so i had golden hills pest control out yesterday. They were very friendly, knowledgable, and thorough. Haven't seen any live spiders yet so hoping the service lasts. I'll defiantly use this company again for my future pest control needs.
Nell M