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Tips To Pest Proof Your Home

Tips To Pest Proof Your Home

Is Pest Proofing Your Home Possible?

Pest proofing your home It’s difficult but doable. By ensuring that no rodents or bugs are able to sneak into your home you are keeping your family and home safe from harmful diseases, bacteria, and allergens. Many pests can make your family sick so it is best to do these before pest season to avoid infestation. Start pest proofing your residence by:

Inspecting the foundation. Fill any hole, gap or crack you find with proper material. Larger holes can be protected using sheet metal or metal mesh.
Inspecting all window frames and door frames for gaps and holes. Replace weather stripping that does not tightly seal windows. Installing metal kick-plates can help prevent gnawing if you see evidence of rodent chewing on doors.

Trimming back tree branches that are hanging over or touching your roof. Rodents will use branches as quick pathways into your home.

Inspect vent screens, roof ventilators and shingles to ensure they are undamaged and secure.
Check cable/wire entry points outside your home. Seal existing gaps with appropriate materials.
If you think you have a rodent infestation, don’t wait until irreversible damage is done to your home. For pest control Sacramento CA residents, always rely on our professional pest control technicians for fast, effective elimination of rodent infestations.‍

Mice are opportunistic, highly prolific rodents that can easily destroy any building by building nests, chewing and gnawing just about anything they can find and eroding your home’s foundation with a constant stream of acidic urine. In addition, mice transmit numerous diseases such as salmonella, tapeworms, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome through urine, droppings, biting or scratching humans and carrying fleas. In addition, mice are so destructive and dangerous to your health simply because of their ability to reproduce. In fact, a female mouse can have up to 60 or 70 mouse pups each year. And half of those pups will be females!

What about Rats?

The two main differences between rats and mice is their size and robustness. Rats need a hole about the size of quarter to begin infiltrating your home and are more difficult to get rid of. Since rats instinctively evade certain odors and tastes, commercial rat repellents will not eliminate an infestation. 

Rats also transmit a variety of serious viral, bacterial, parasitical and protozoan diseases that can sicken both humans and pets. Also be aware that rats are superior swimmers and climb walls skillfully. Many homeowners trying to “drown out” a rat infestation with a water hose will quickly find they have only forced their uninvited guests into another part of their home.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

If you see tiny, brown pellets (droppings) laying on windowsills, around pet food bowls or along baseboards, hear rustling/scratching noises in your attic and walls and notice odd, dark smudges on baseboards and rafters (made by rodent fur), you may have a rodent infestation. 

You should also look for evidence of rodent teeth marks where mice and rats have gnawed and chewed on material for making nests. Also, check behind objects that aren’t move frequently. Rodents build nests behind these items or in rooms that are quiet and undisturbed.

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